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$ 703

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$10,170 initial
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$ 503

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100 Users

Bdo (Seal) CRM

Also known as Seal

Bdo is a simple Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package built for people and organizations who want to manage a small to mid sized sales team.

What is Bdo (Seal) if you are a business owner

Bdo helps you manage your sales cycles, prospects, clients and customers. It allows you to measure your activities giving you a detailed view into your actions and how productive they are. Seal also serves as a centralized location helping you manage everything regarding a prospect or client. Hire ABC to deploy, run and manage your instance or configure it yourself. It's as simple as a command (minimal setup version).

Hilo Online Ordering

Also known as HLN

Hilo is a simple Open Source Online Ordering and eCommerce solution. It is built of people and organizations that want to manage a mid sized online presence. It leverages the best in payment processing Stripe and Braintree. It is a reality, you could be setup, configured and running within 30 minutes. All you need is a Stripe account.

What is Hilo if you are a business owner

HLN is a simple Online Ordering, eCommerce and essentially a CMS project rolled into one. It allows you to manage online customers, products and orders. Hilo also "links" to Bdo (Seal) CRM, a customer relationship management tool which allows you to manage prospects, customers and clients. You can be up and running within minutes with minimal configuration version.